Engineering and education

Living lab

The building project “Arts and Learning center“ in Bagamoyo is a project which is not only built to be actually built. It shall be a pilot project which can be seen as a living lab for students. The combination of engineering and education is crucial for prospective work of engineers and our prospective formation and creation of our built environment. We like to forget that many of our decisions have a direct impact on where we live in, how we live and how our cities and villages look like. Houses, infrastructure, landscapes are invented, built and shaped by people. The way how we live and how we design our environment is not only strongly affected by our history, culture and current way of living, it is as well influencing our actual daily life and work circumstances. Obviously, shaping our environment is important for everyone. At the same time, the building industry has a huge impact on one of our most striking, or let’s say the most striking problem in the world: The climate change. We are emitting huge amounts of carbon dioxides. With the way of designing infrastructure, we are deciding how to deal with transportation. Engineers can make public transportation and low carbon emission transportation possible. The way of constructing houses decides which energy consumption it has got. The way of planning cities decides how many people are able to live in already crowded places and how their daily ways are. Ao, nearly every decision we take as architects and engineers, it has a huge impact on the environment. The decision on how to treat and shape our villages and cities therefore should be interesting for everyone. Still, this is not the case. Many people are either not aware of the importance of building or are just not interested. Actually, this is what has to be changed. Education has a huge impact.

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