Project description

The project

The Arts and Learning centre is located at a little street outgoing from Bagamoyo road in Bagamoyo. Currently, a half-sheltered rooftop on eight steel columns has been built. The steel columns are rammed into the floor ca 2 feet deep, surrounded by a concrete foundation. The steel columns will not be removed. The rooftop will be renewed in the same style after the bare brickwork has been built. The soil is raw bat normal compacted sand. The soil can be digged easily without disruptive stones or rootage. The trees around the building will remain.

The steel columns form the frame of the prospective Arts and Learning centre.
The ground floor will be a nearly self-compacting concrete reinforced with sisal fibres to prevent stress cracks. Its depth is 0.5 ft. There will be an all over reinforcement in the floor made of steel bars or bamboo poles.The walls will be built of concrete bricks behind the steel columns due to the little space. The steel columns will be seen from the inside. The walls possess a height of 6.6 ft. Above the brick walls a ring beam made of concrete will be realized to prevent horizontal movement and support the walls. Reinforced joists will be placed above two doors and a slim window.Above the ring beam, a metal grid will be placed up to the rooftop, which makes a height of 3 ft at the long walls and a bigger height underneath the arch. Beneath the walls a surrounding strip fundament of concrete with reinforcement will be realized. The strip fundament has a bigger width than the walls to give a good foundation and prevent tension. Two doors are planned to enter the Arts and Learning center and one window will be realized. More light will enter the room from the metal grid. Inside the centre, one wall will be layered with a big mirror for dance and yoga classes.

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