The aeration concept includes three different components:

     1.    Shadowing by trees and plants

     2.    Air Circulation by special elements

     3.    Cooling by an air fountain



  1. Shadowing by trees and plants

Because of the thick vegetation, a sufficient shadowing of the building will be guaranteed and
an overheating of the house will be prevented as well.



  1. Air Circulation by special elements (see schematic drawing 1)

In addition to the natural shadowing, the outer air (east or west winds) streams through the building by the existing 90 cm big metal grid, which is placed on the top of the four building walls.

Due to the velocity of wind (v=10-13 km/h) and a special construction, the cool air should be led to the lower parts of the house.


  1. Cooling by an air fountain (see schematic drawing 2)

The basic of the air fountain is the one meter deep sinkhole, which is filled with porous grit. To protect the grit of inflowing sand and mud, it will be covered in fleece.  When the air reaches the ground of the hole, it should get cooled down to 15°C with the help of the porous grit. At the bottom of the sinkhole, there´s a PVC pile (100mm-120mm) through which the cool air should be led into the building. The pile starts at the bottom of the sinkhole and ends at the top of an inside wall.

The air fountain will be powered by a special fan. This aeration system absorbs the cooled air at the beginning of the PVC pile and spread it into the house. The discharge temperature (the temperature of the air, which has moved through the whole pile and finally gets out into the house) warms up to 18°C because of the long way through the pile and its natural heating caused by the surrounding temperature.

Furthermore, there is a 5 Volt solar panel. This panel generates electricity with which the aeration system runs.

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